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Everything for the Meatatarian & Vegetarian

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Award-Winning Chef’s Meal Delivery Plan

Our philosophy on food is that every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining touches of sweet, salty, and sour it equals Balance!

BC Meal Prep

Smoked Meats

We look to source products that are vertically farmed and the animals are treated the old world way. Farmers that care for the animals and raise them properly yield a better product.

Plant-Based BBQ

We love plant-based in all its forms. We use whole products when possible to produce amazing contrasts/textures/flavors of what the farmers give us.

BBQ Rubs-n-Sauces

Our culinary team really loves inventing some deep rich complex flavor that you would never think of or would go together.


Let us do all the hard work, freeing you up to enjoy some more time on other things.



The Kingpin

Who are we? We are an award-winning chef-driven meal plan and smoke shop. We specialize in helping those of you that are searching for balance within your life. "How can we help with balancing your life?", you may ask. Simple, when you get hungry, you can turn to us to help get you some of your precious TIME back. We aren’t just about saying the words “sustainably sourced,” we are about sustainability in all we do. We are about UPCYCLING, which means giving back to our community, supporting local farmers, utilizing products to their fullest, and ensuring the land’s care. We are about the old-world style ways of doing things: the way we used to do things, artisanal. We use clean label products, no chemicals. We even use ECO-friendly packaging as well. Remember, we take our TIME to give you back yours. We give the utmost care to ensure you will have an experience for your taste buds that will blow everything else away. We use spice blends and our rubs to bring the flavor out in what you eat. We source the highest quality to ensure the best result. We also have some fantastic flavorful sauces that will amaze your taste buds.

We Are The Bacon Cartel 2.0. Welcome To Our World.

We would never want to forget about our guests who wish to have great flavors but do not eat meat. So we have developed a line of plant-based products to give our meatless friends the taste that every human seems to crave. Yup, that is correct; you read that we want the meatatarians and vegetarians to have their one-stop shop. We even do some BBQ menus once in a while; everyone can have a little smoke and a smile.

Each week we feature a new menu with five different types of meals. You can pick one or all of them.

Oh Hi There, Nice To Meat You

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